Not Your Average Cleaning Company

When you think of a cleaning service that comes in to clean your home, what do you think of? Maybe you’re one the unfortunate many who haven’t had the best experience with a cleaning company, leaving you with unpleasant memories of a small team of cleaners who dirtied your floors and scuffed your walls while marginally cleaning your countertops and bathrooms. Or, perhaps you’ve had good experiences with cleaning companies, but their services fell short of your needs. Either way, your previous experience has lead you to look elsewhere for other cleaning services, leading you to Clean Away Maids. And we’re glad you’re here!

With over 15 years of experience in the cleaning services industry, we’re proud to say that our humble team of maid service professionals possesses the skill, know-how, and client-focused commitment to clean your home in a manner that is sure to leave you beaming with joy. Moreover, when you allow us to enter your home, we treat your living space with the same respect and attention to detail that we would utilize in our own homes; we know how great it feels to come home from a long day’s work and to be able to view our homes with pride and peace of mind, knowing that each inch is clean, tidy, and ready to be used however we’d like. Curious about what all Clean Away Maids can do for you, your home, and your peace of mind? Take a peek below to learn more about us and the unparalleled cleaning services we offer of North Carolina neighbors.


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A Sampling of Our Services

Let’s revisit the question posited in the first paragraph: What springs to mind when you think of cleaning services? Surely, you’re probably thinking of the basic: Sweeping, mopping, dusting, maybe some countertop attention and vacuuming. While we proudly offer these services, these are but the tip of the iceberg with Clean Away Maids. We’re fully aware that much of the dust, dirt, and debris in our homes likes to hide out in more private quarters; it’s just usually the clutter that pokes its head out into our line of sight that gets our attention and reminds us that our homes need a good, thorough cleaning.

Let’s break down how we get your home into tip-top shape.

Your Living Room and Bedrooms

These rooms get the most attention in the house — and we’re not talking about from Clean Away Maids. When you have guests over, you and your friends and family most likely congregate in the living room/den before retiring to your bedrooms. Understandably, you want these areas looking their best year ‘round. When you choose Clean Away Maids, we’ll take special care to dust each piece of furniture, baseboards, doorframes, and any area where cobwebs and dust like to hang out. And, whether your floors are wooden or carpeted, we’ll be sure to vacuum away any and all debris and pick up and toss out any pieces of clutter that are too large for the vacuum.


Your Bathroom(s)

No one likes to step foot in a less-than-ideally clean bathroom. Especially if you have guests, you certainly don’t want them feeling like they need to wear shower shoes in your shower. Each talented maid on the Clean Away Maids team will thoroughly scrub your shower to remove grime and hard water stains, deep clean your sinks, grout, and all of those hard-to-reach places. And what cleaning service would be complete without making sure you’re toilet and bowl aren’t spick and span? No matter the size of your bathroom(s), Clean Away Maids will wipe away the grime and your cleaning concerns.


Your Kitchen

There are few other instances that are more frustrating than setting out to prepare a homecooked meal and feeling that your countertops are too dirty to place food on. That’s far from the peace of mind we were talking about earlier. When Clean Away Maids cleans your kitchen, we’ll give special attention to your countertops, stove, backsplash, and sink area, as these are often the dirtiest areas. And that spaghetti explosion that’s become crusted to the inside of your microwave? We’ll take care of that, too, as well as cleaning both in- and outside of your ‘fridge. If you’re ready for next-level cleaning services, then give the pros at Clean Away Maids a call today or contact us online. Give your home the cleaning it deserves, and leave the cleaning to Clean Away Maids.