Ditch the Dirt

It can be difficult to keep your home clean all of the time. Between work, after school activities with the kids, and all of the curveballs life throws our way, keeping up with house cleaning can seem like an impossible task. And, for some of us, our clutter can overtake our homes without us even realizing it. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the mess that seems to have appeared out of nowhere in your home? Take a read below to learn more about how Clean Away Maids can help.

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The Kitchen

Our kitchens have a nasty habit of collecting crumbs, dirt, grime, and all manner of undesirable debris without even trying. Next thing we know, our kitchens are in no shape for us to be preparing food. That’s why, when you choose Clean Away Maids, you can rest assured that our experienced eyes won’t let any crumbs or dirt get away with stowing away on your floor, countertops, or in those hard to reach areas that seem to attract grime. While we’re there, we’ll be sure to remove any cobwebs your eight-legged-roommates may have constructed without you knowing. Besides being an eyesore, spider webs trap lots of bugs and debris and simply aren’t what you want hanging around your kitchen. No matter whether your sink, fridge, or countertops are in the worst shape, we’ll get each nook and cranny spotless before we move on to other areas of your home.


The Living Room

Our living rooms/dens are where we entertain guests, curl up with a book, or veg out in front of the ‘tube. In whatever ways you’re using your living room, you’re creating a lot of foot traffic. This leads to dirty floors and dust (dead skin cells) accumulating on furniture and baseboards. Our experienced Clean Away Maids staff knows just how to take care of your dusty den and get it back in tip-top shape before your next gathering — or night in under a blanket with a book. If you’re ready for your home to get the cleaning treatment you know it deserves, reach out to us today to schedule your next home cleaning appointment.