Everyone knows the importance of changing our bed sheets on a regular basis. But, what does that mean, exactly? What constitutes a “regular basis”? And is it really that important to change your sheets? Or is this just a lie spread by the detergent companies to get you to spend more money on their products?

We’ll be answering all your burning bed sheet questions in today’s blog. Clean Away Maids offers a linen service that can help lift the sheet changing burden from your shoulders. Especially in this day and age, it can be difficult to find the time to do these small tasks. Nevertheless, changing your linens is indeed important (as you’ll soon learn). So, be sure to contact us for all of your cleaning services in Mebane and the surrounding areas. Until then, let’s lift the covers on the world of bed sheets.

1. There’s No Single Answer to How Often You Should Change Your Sheets

Ah, the age-old question: how often should I change my sheets? This question is usually met with the answer, “on a regular basis.” As hinted at above, this doesn’t actually give us much information. For some people, a regular basis might be once a week, for others it might be bi-annually. It doesn’t give us a whole lot to go off of. 

The truth is that how often sheets should be changed totally depends on factors that are unique to your sleeping situation. Things like the clothes you wear (or don’t wear) while sleeping, how frequently the sheets are used (are they guest sheets?), and whether or not you have pets sharing the bed with you will all greatly affect the frequency at which sheets should be changed. In short, there is no hard and fast rule on how often sheets should be changed. Of course, that’s not the most satisfying answer since it doesn’t provide a ton of direction. Basically, you’ll want to change your sheets as they get dirty. If you’re sleeping in your sheets nightly, then it’s a good idea to change them weekly. If you’re sharing the bed with pets, then it should be even more frequent.

2. Your Sheets House a Whole Lot of Bacteria

If once a week or more sounds like a lot, it starts to make sense when you learn about just how much bacteria can build up in that bed of yours. A recent study in association with the University of Seville’s Department of Biology investigated the conditions of bed sheets over the course of a month. The results found a whole host of dangerous bacteria linked to nasty diseases — families of diseases with names like actinomyces, clostridiales, bacteroidales, fusobacteriales, and neisseriales. Each one of these families of bacteria is associated with a number of diseases. 

What are some of the diseases that are associated with these bacteria? Too many to list. But skin diseases can be a common consequence of these bacteria. This can include skin ulcers and Lemierre’s syndrome. On top of that, there’s an increased risk of appendicitis, pneumonia, and a whole lot more. Not exactly what you want to find in your sheets. 

3. Dirty Sheets Can Affect the Quality of Your Sleep

You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s not just bacteria that builds up in your sheets. There’s no shortage of dry skin flakes, hair, sweat, microscopic insects, dirt, and grime. You might not always be able to see these things, but you can rest assured that you’re sharing your bed with them. As mentioned, this all leads to an increased risk of diseases and infections — but that’s not all. Itchy, irritable skin will keep you up long into the night, damaging the quality of your sleep.

When you have dirty, unhygienic sheets, the consequences can be great. If it’s resulting in skin conditions that cause you to lose sleep, then this can reverberate out into every aspect of your life. Sleep is simply too important to let unclean sheets disrupt it.  

4. It’s Not Just Your Sheets

When it comes to unhygienic practices, our bed sheets aren’t the only culprit. A lot of folks tend to have similar practices when it comes to other things — such as pajamas and jackets. It’s common for people to long stretches of time without washing their pajamas, jackets, and other items of clothing. 

However, it’s important to incorporate hygienic habits for our pajamas that are on par with the rest of our wardrobe. This will prevent the development of a lot of the same bacteria as unclean sheets. It will also help prevent the risks of skin irritations and infections that can affect our lives in other ways.  

5. Get Professional Cleaning Services

The main takeaway here is that bed sheets are magnets for a whole range of dangerous bacteria and other things that can cause diseases, infections, and negatively impact our sleep and our overall well-being. The best way to prevent this? Keeping those sheets clean! As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, this is easier said than done for a lot of people. 

Luckily, Clean Away Maids is here to provide the expert cleaning services that you deserve. With our help, changing your sheets on a regular basis will be no problem whatsoever. You won’t even have to think about it. Leave it up to us.
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