Spring has pretty well sprung here in Greensboro. Seasonal showers are bringing back the blooms and it feels like the world is waking up after the drudgery of winter. Winter often comes with a lot of mess and muck, and spring blows in an entirely different set of environmental effects. With that in mind, there’s a reason so many suggest a thorough deep cleaning of your home around this time of year. If you’re not sure where to begin with your spring cleaning, professional cleaning services can help! Try these tips from the Clean Away Maids team, or give us a call for personalized home cleaning services.

  1. Declutter

It’s a natural thing for odds and ends to collect in certain spots around the house. However, your home isn’t going to really get clean if you’re trying to vacuum around the toys, shoes, and other ephemera. The first step to any spring cleaning should be tidying all that clutter. This is also the perfect time to think about a bit of downsizing. Go room by room and sort through anything you don’t use and don’t need to keep. This can be a great time of year to hold a yard sale. Or, go the charitable route and take all your unneeded items to your local thrift store. You’d be amazed at how much easier your home is to clean when it’s less cluttered!

  1. Start With Basic Cleaning

By this, we mean the things you should be doing at least weekly. Now that the floors and counters are cleared of clutter, take the time to vacuum the whole house, dust every nook and cranny, and give your wood furniture a polish. Take area rugs outside and give them a beating to shake out any ground-in dirt. And, if you have wood floors, don’t skip this step. Mop everything and think about using a wood floor treatment to give them a bit of extra shine (and boost their health at the same time).

  1. Clean The Infrequently Cleaned Places

How often do you wash your windows? What about your baseboards? There are some parts of the home that most people just don’t think to clean very often. While you’re on your spring cleaning rampage, take the time to wash the dust and dirt from the baseboards and wash the streaks off your windows. We even suggest using a bit of carpet to clean off window screens while you’re at it.

  1. De-Dust The Air

This is another part of house cleaning that most don’t think about very often. Spring cleaning is a great time to improve the air quality in your home. Carefully dust off the blades of any ceiling fans in your home, clean off the air registers, and replace the filters in your HVAC system. If it’s been a couple of years, you may want to get in touch with your local HVAC company for a thorough vent cleaning. WIth all the pollen in the air, these can be some great ways to improve the air quality inside your home and give yourself a breathing break.

  1. Don’t Forget Linens

Definitely take the time to change your sheets — but you may also want to take this time to wash all of your bedding. Clean your comforters, wash duvets, even give your pillows a wash if you can. While you’re at it, any fabric-covered furniture should be vacuumed at least, and spot-treated as necessary. And, if you have fabric curtains, take the time to wash them or get them dry cleaned.

Spring cleaning can be a major undertaking. The end result is worth it, but not everyone has the time for that thorough of a cleaning. If you’re in Greensboro or the surrounding area, let the house cleaning pros help you out. Contact Clean Away Maids for professional cleaning services today!