Cleaning your home is something you can absolutely do yourself — and we definitely hope you do! Of course, sometimes life gets too hectic and things like dusting and vacuuming often slip by the wayside in favor of more impactful chores like laundry and grocery shopping. But for many out there, hiring a cleaning service feels like a waste because it’s something most of us can do ourselves. Are you on the fence about having a cleaning service help you out? Here are a few times that cleaning services are worth every cent:

When you want to focus on family time

If you and your other half are both working full time, it can be hard to find time together amidst all the other things you have to do. Then, if you have kids, the balancing act becomes even more complicated. If you find yourself dusting, folding laundry, and vacuuming each evening instead of enjoying quality time with your family, it may be time to get a bit of help. Hiring cleaning services means that all those little chores get taken care of instead of adding up and taking up your valuable free time. Even better, with a cleaning service taking care of the household cleaning and upkeep, you can actually stop and enjoy all the little moments that make life amazing.

When you’re preparing for a big party

A house cleaning service doesn’t have to be a regular, weekly thing if that’s not what you need. Maybe you just need a bit of help with the detail-work before a party. Home cleaning services get to all those places that you might only tackle with an occasional deep clean and ensure your home is sparkling before the partygoers start arriving. This can take a big load off your plate so you can focus in on food preparations, decorating, and whatever else you need to do to get the party started.

When you’re preparing to sell your home

A clean home is an easy way to tell potential buyers that you’ve put time and effort into caring for your home. Before your home goes on the market, make sure it gets a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom. Even better, time that deep clean to happen just before that real estate photographer comes through to document your home. A thorough cleaning by professional cleaning services will also make it easier to maintain a standard level of cleanliness for showings. In preparation for an open house is also a prime time to schedule cleaning services.

When you’re recovering

Do you or your other half have an upcoming surgery scheduled? Then let someone else worry about the cleaning. Recovery after surgery, childbirth, or an extended illness are all times that you probably need an extra hand to get things done around the house. Depending on what you’re recovering from, some household chores may be too much of a strain and hinder your recovery. Maybe cleaning the baseboards involves too much bending over, or pushing the vacuum is too much weight. Whatever the case, let professional cleaning services take care of the house so you can take care of yourself.

When you’ve got houseguests coming to stay

Whether you’re preparing to host family for the winter holidays or friends are coming through Greensboro during summer travels, having houseguests generally means a frenzied spate of house cleaning on top of all the other things you need to do to prepare. A house cleaning service will handle everything from making sure the bathrooms sparkle to changing bed linens. Houseguests are great to have once they arrive, but they generally mean a lot of stress beforehand. Let a professional home cleaning service alleviate some of that stress so you can actually enjoy your guests.

Whatever your needs, professional cleaning services are here to help you keep your home clean so you can get on with everything else on your to-do list. Whether you’re looking for one-time help before a party or ongoing cleaning as you sell your Greensboro home, let the professional house cleaners at Clean Away Maids help. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help give you valuable time back; schedule a home cleaning today!